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Arm Yourselves for Armed Forces Day!

Gear up for Armed Forces Day on May 20th! Celebrate and show your support for our troops in more ways than one. There are plenty of ways to honor our brave military whether it be from a simple Instagram Post showcasing your country's colors, or physically attending an event to show your gratitude.

"I'm Feeling Red, White & Blue"

American Flag Outfit

Start with the basics and open up your closet to find the colors and outfit that will represent your support for this honorable day! Take a snapshot while you’re at it and share on every social media page you have. Hashtag your IG post with #ArmedForcesDay and #SupportOurTroops, or add a fancy Geotag at the bottom of your Snapchat to spread the love our troops deserve! And if you're driving anywhere, safely attach an #AmericanFlag to remind everyone you pass about the National Holiday!

Fundraise, Rally, or Meet up with our Veterans!

Memorial Day Parade

Once you're decked out in red, white and blue, you'll fit right in at the Memorial Day Parade Fundraiser! Join together with military organizations to raise money for the 150th Memorial Day Parade in Brooklyn where part of the proceeds go to organizations that help disabled marines & veterans participate in the parade. Admission is $20, Veterans $10, active military and children under 12 are free and you can find event info here.

Support our Troops

If Battery Park is closer to where you're at, there's a rally happening here too to remind Washington to honor its promise to those who serve. From 1pm-3pm this rally will take place to honor veterans all across our country. If a rally isn’t up your alley, there will be a Veteran and Civilian Meet Up from 3pm-7pm presented by Veteran Voices Newsletter! Get ready to compete as there will be a pins and patches competition along with prizes and pose-off’s!

Care Package

Soldier Care Packages

Our troops appreciate every ounce of love we have to offer, and a way to show that is by sending care packages! There are a few details that can’t be overlooked when sending a care package however, so be sure to check out more details here.

Visit a Local Veteran’s Hospital or Nursing Home

Show your gratitude by visiting a local Veteran’s hospital or nursing home right in NYC! You can volunteer or attend an event held at VA NY Harbor Hospital. Time is precious so many choose to volunteer their time, but others feel more comfortable volunteering their talents! Any bit of sunshine you can offer our deserved veterans will not go unnoticed. A calendar of events held at VA NY Harbor can be found here.

Visit: to find out more ways you can be part of Armed Forces Day and make a difference in the lives of the brave troops who’ve made a difference in ours.

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