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NYC Fashion Alert: Trending Jackets

Cold weather is upon us and everyone in New York City is bundling up in style! Need help picking out a new jacket that's fashion-forward and functional? Read more below to see what styles work best for you!

The Anorak

Anorak jackets are great for everyday wear; with big pockets, a roomy hood, and a relaxed fit, it's a recipe for style, utility, and comfort! Pair your anorak with a sweater and jeans and you're set for a quick on-the-go outfit, may it be walking your dog around Central Park or grabbing a coffee at your favorite shop. Popular colors for anorak jackets include rich olive tones, dark navy, and black. Pick a fur trimmed anorak for an extra touch of style and warmth.

Nordstrom DKNY Anorak

Photo: Nordstrom

H&M Parka

Photo: H&M

The Bomber

Bomber jackets have been trending lately; with different finishes like satin and suede, you can definitely have more fun with bombers this season. Bomber jackets with embroidery or patches have also been popping up: there are so many interesting and vibrant options to choose from! Layer this jacket with a t-shirt and hoodie underneath to give it a more urban feel with added warmth. Walk around New York City streets and have your outerwear be the center of attention!

Forever 21 Soulstar Patch Bomber Jacket

Photo: Forever 21

Forever 21 Floral Embroidered Satin Bomber

Photo: Forever 21


A Smart Coat

You can’t go wrong with a classic look! Smart coats are timeless and can be dressed up or down; they can be worn with your office apparel during the day and can be transitioned as sleek outerwear for a night out in the city. A clean cut, minimalist coat can make you look put together in an instant! Long overcoats are currently on trend; go for a slouchy-fit coat with a versatile texture or pattern to stay stylish out in NYC.

Nordstrom Topshop Slouchy Textured Coat

Photo: Nordstrom