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New York City

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Why Tour With Us?
Why experience NYC With Us?
Freefall Nyc

Here at Freefall NYC, we are a team of photo and video connoisseurs. We love sharing what NYC has to offer so much, we CHOSE to be part of the FREEFALL NYC Team. We WON'T just lead you mindlessly around the Big Apple, we are going to show you NYC through our eyes, and be in AWE with you.  

Experience of The Month
Sugar Rush

Maybe it's just the Sugar. Or perhaps it's because we go to one of the most famous indoor food halls of the world, along with the unique NYC park that used to be a railroad above ground. In addition, we voyage to the land of candified goblet drinks and monstrous ice cream boats as well!


  Hm, maybe it is just the sugar.


NYC Subway musicians

go through a rigorous audition process in hopes to fill one of the 350 spots in the 'music under new york' program. they have 5 minute slots to play in front of a panel filled with experts from the industry and mta employees
The Insider Info
J.E.  Founder

"We used to be 100% private and only booked via word of mouth. But I realized everyone and anyone who wished to experience this city should experience it with the BEST.  Why keep our insider tips a secret? Everyone should be Free to Fall in love with NYC. So here we are now, public and ready to capture the best Photo and Video Experiences the Big Apple has to offer."

Don't worry, we wont leave you hanging at the end of the Experience.  Your photographer or Videographer will assist you with directions to get you back safely, or give you a list of hot Trendy places to check out in the area if you still have energy...  After all, You are in the city that never sleeps!
Sunset Over New York City
Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn
Sunset Over Manhattan
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