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Brooklyn Bridge

your personal photographer

your personal videographer

Welcome to the Brooklyn Bridge Photo/Video Experience!
For this trip we experience one of the most popular bridges and skyline views of NYC. 

1. Make sure you're energized because our first trek on this journey will be walking across the BK Bridge - a one mile long photoshoot with your hair billowing in the wind and the Manhattan skyline as your backdrop. 







2. After walking down the iconic bridge we'll visit the most beautiful waterfront in front of Jane's Carousel where we can relax, take photos, and even ride on the historic wooden horses.

**Jane's Carousel Winter Schedule is Thu-Sun (till May)
and Summer Schedule is Wed-Mon.  If you specifically want to ride
the Carousel be sure to book the correct days at checkout.

3. Next we'll pop by the famous BK Ice Cream Factory to get a scoop of delicious Brooklyn Ice Cream.  With our ice cream cones in hand we can explore the promenade surrounding the Ice Cream Factory.


4. We'll walk off the sweet treat as we peruse through Brooklyn Bridge Park,where we'll have some top photo/video opportunities. Relax by the waterfront with a prime view of the Manhattan Skyline, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and the East River Ferry tugging by.  

whats included:

-(Approx) 3.5 Hr Private Themed Experience

-Experience 4 Top Iconic Places in NYC

-Carousel Tickets

-Ice Cream

-Ferry Tickets

-Transportation to Venue

-HD Photoset (sent digitally) or

-Professionally Edited Video  &

Short Version Highlights Video

Group size: 2

$470 per person

$150/additional person

Advanced Booking Required. Spots Fill Up Quickly.

**Note: Transportation TO venues will be covered in the cost however transportation BACK to hotel or at the end of tour will NOT.  Our guide will assist you in getting a cab to your hotel or next destination.   

**Personal purchases made at any venue are NOT covered by FreefallNYC and are made at your own expense.   

**Wear comfortable shoes for various levels of walking  

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